Vietnam Traveling Wall

Brought to you by the Johnstown Community Sportsmans Club

    Vietnam Traveling Wall

    July 11th- July 14th
Rain or Shine - Open 24 Hours per Day

Admission is FREE

As part of Johnstown's Bi-Centennial Celebration, the Johnstown Community Sportsman's Club is proud to host a replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in honor of those who made the ultimate sacrafice in that war, as well as all of our veterans and service men and women who defend our way of life every day.  In addition to the traveling wall, we will also have displays and presentations from various veterans groups.  All proceeds above the cost of hosting these events will be donated to the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Disabled American Veterans, and Vietnam Veterans of America organizations. 

The AVTT traveling wall is 360 feet long and reaches 8 feet high at its apex.  It is an 80% replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C..  It has the names all 58,178 service members who died as a result of being casualties in the Vietnam war's combat zone.  The display is open 24 hours per day following the official opening at Noon on Thursday and will close at 5pm on Sunday.  The traveling wall was constructed by the American Veterans Traveling Tribute (  The AVTT was founded on the principles that American Heros must be honored and remembered.

There will be volunteers to help with locating specific names and locations.  See the schedule page for information on various performances at the daily opening and closing cerimonies.  There will be volunteers from various organizations to assist with checking on veteran assistance and information. 

We have many sponsors that have helped us make this a reality, and we wish to thank each and every one of them for their contributions.  Please visit our sponsors page and I am sure that each of them would appreciate your future patronage.


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